We build together a better Haiti


CINA, is a cement producer in Haiti and is focused on supplying construction materials and solutions that generate value for our clients.


Ciment d’Haiti, was founded in 1952 by the Lambert brothers with the president of Haiti, Paul Magloire. Located at 40 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, it has started out with an initial capacity of 100,000 MT / year, which was later increased in 1973 to 300,000 MT.

Ciment d’Haiti ceased operations in February 1992.

In March 2000, the current CINA, Cimenterie Nationale S.E.M, was created to rehabilitate the old Ciment d’Haiti by a multinational group, made up of: the Government of Haiti and local businessmen, the Colombian Caribbean Group and the Swiss group Holderbank.

In November 2000, CINA began selling imported cement bags.


Creation of the company Le Ciment d´Haïti SAM ”by the Lambert brothers


In February, the company's operations came to a halt.


Call for tenders for the modernization of "Le Ciment d´Haïti, SAM" Award of the contract. The National Cement Factory is reborn in Haiti. 


Signing of an agreement to modernize the plant between the State of Haiti and the chosen Consortium made up of Holcim and Argos. Start of the factory rehabilitation works.


Constitution of CINA company. 


Official open CINA factory. The local mill for cement production is started.

Arrival of the first vessel loaded with 12,144 tons of clinker and 2,872 tons of plaster. Production of the first bag of cement under the CINA brand.


Acquisition of the participation of several distribution chains. 


The participation of several distribution chains is acquired, which leads the company to increase the participation of its direct sales to 60%, allowing it to supply supplying the market in a timely and efficient manner.


Arrangements and improvements have been made to increase the installed capacity to 500,000 tons / year.


The crushing capacity is increased to 600,000 tons / year with the installation of a rotary dryer Orio of raw material, high efficiency crusher and separator.

Argos acquires the entire stake in Holcim.


The crushing capacity increased to 600,000 tons with the installation of a high-efficiency dryer, crusher and separator.

Cementos Argos (the fourth largest cement manufacturer in Latin America), acquires Holcim's stake in CINA consortium and becomes a strategic partner. This great company is getting a new boost.


A strong 7.3 earthquake destroyed the economic center of Haiti; the factory suffered some minor damage to its normal operation, which was quickly resolved. The company helped its employees who have lost their families and homes to quickly get their lives back.

Taking into account the projected demand for cement in the country, the bagging plan is was adapted to continue supplying the market with new and better-quality cement.


A new product was launched on into the market: concrete, an excellent alternative for builders and contractors, which seeks to facilitate and speed up the works. Bagging capacity was increased with the installation of the Rotoclassic machine and the installation of two nozzles on the Rotopacker machine. The new installed capacity was 204 TPH.


Circuit BM03 was closed with BM01 to increase production. The result was a more homogeneous product, a reduction in the clinker factor and in specific energy consumption. Total average production ranges from 78 to 82 TPH.


New distribution channels were incorporated: transfers and transport on sailboats.

Details of the operation:

We focus our actions on creating value for society and for our company, at CINA we have the following resources at our operation to make it possible:

Industrial Security:

At CINA we promote safety and healthy working conditions by preventing workplace accidents, occupational diseases and emergencies. If we have an emergency, plans are established to mitigate its impacts, prioritizing the safety of people at all times over the continuity of operations and the maintenance of the equipment.

We promote a culture of self-care and responsibility for controlling the risk conditions of each employee, working under a continuous improvement management system in accordance with the laws in force in the country.

The Golden Rules of Safety and Health are the pillars that support and define the Safety and Health Culture within the CINA National Cement Plant: