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For the past 10 years, CINA Foundation has supported education through its scholarship program. This year 2016 again, this program that reaches kindergarten, primary and secondary education was delivered to the school principals. 


The Technical Centre has closed the training session on advanced marketing techniques dictated to CINA’s commercial clients, which have demonstrated dynamism, enthusiasm and satisfaction.


June 15, 2016, we commemorated the Environment Week.


“Mwen santi’m pi byen nan fanmi’m" (I feel much better in my family) is the theme for this year and about which CINA Foundation organized an activity for children of Source Matelas on June 12, 2016.


Civil Engineering students are regularly invited to visit the installations of CINA.


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The easy way to win worldwide prizes.

Argos Suriname lunched to the market the Argos scorer promotion address to final cement customers (master builder and laborers) so they can have the opportunity to win worldwide prizes instantly.

Buying Argos general use cement from national production, in the 40kgs presentation, each customer has the opportunity to find in the cement bag interior one of the awarded coupons and win.

¡They are decent of prizes!

  • 30 TV Sony HD 32’’
  • 30 Radios Sony

The activity is lunched nationwide on Thursday 15 of May and will be active until Wednesday 30 of July from 2014.

The promotion will have a complete massive media coverage as radio, billboards and point of sale material and trough the company web site where is expected to give information to the interested public.

As soon as a winner finds an awarded coupon, he will have to call the numbers indicated in the coupon that are: +509

When connecting the call, the winner has to communicate that he possess an awarded coupon, they will ask for the alphanumeric number that this one have to verify the truthfulness of the one and if he fulfilled this requirement, the person will take the personal information from the winner establishing a date and hour for handle the prize.

The prizes will be delivered in the exchange points that we will mention forward. It is indispensable that the winner that report the awarded coupon collect the prize, with the original coupon and his identity document. If he does not fulfill all the requirements, the prize will not be delivered.

The maximum term to pick up the prizes will be fifteen calendar days after the promotion culminate that will be Friday 15 of August. Later on that date, the unclaimed prizes will be given in donation, to a charity institute selected in mutual agreement through the CINA Foundation.

The prize delivery, depending on the area, will be done as it is mention here:

  • If the winner is from Port au Prince, the award would be made ​​in the administrative offices of CINA, located at Route de Frères # 52, tel. +509, during office hours.
  • If the winner is from Cap Haitien, the prize would be delivered in the cellar of our dealer Digharta.
  • Winners of Saint Marc and Gonaives, may find their prizes CINA plant located in Cabaret, Route Nationale # 1, tel. 75 +509
  • Winners of Cayes, may find the  prizes at Ambience Radio Offices, located in Camp-Perin, Cayes.
  • Jacmel prizes will be delivered through our dealer Momphat.
  • In Hinche, prizes will be delivered through Erick Hipolyte.
  • In the province of Jeremie, will be delivered through LASSA.

The winners has to present a valid identification document and sign a receipt Boucher made for this.

The organizer only deliver the prize when the winner has complied all the requirements mention before.

If the winner does not accept the prize which has been accreditor, this will be consider extinct, without right to claim or compensation. 

¡Run to buy General Use CINA cement bags in 40kgs presentation and start to win worldwide prizes!


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