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Product transport

Aware of the importance of maintaining a continuous supply of product for the correct development of the projects, and being Haiti a mountainous country with road infrastructure in development CINA has a chartered fleet with more than 30 trucks (in various capacities ) available to deliver Bagged Cement throughout the entire road network . For the places where the road network is not yet in adequate conditions, we have a port facility and vessels to efficiently deliver product to these destinations.

To deliver bulk cement we have our own bulk tankers with 35MT average capacity and a mixed fleet of truck heads in order to deliver product quickly, safely and reliably to any project that require.

Equipment for cement storage on site

We are interested in supporting our clients in an efficient manner, for that, we have at our disposal available storage equipment which includes metal containers, metal silos, and our floating silo.

Technical Assistance

We count on a know-how network of specialized engineers and international architects to provide support and assessment during the development and implementation of our product in our client’s location.

Distribution Centers

Based on the importance of having the product on time and with the required quality, CINA has, in addition to the Plant, distribution Centers to deliver product to consumers who prefer to travel short distances instead of going to the plant.

Our centers have a qualified and willing staff to serve your requirements in both the distribution center and building site.

CINA has a warehouse in the National # 1 Road near the airport in Port au Prince to serve the Haitian capital with a capacity of 3,000 TM; and another one in Carrefour, also accommodate 3,000 TM.