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Social Activities


Education is a fundamental pillar in the CINA FOUNDATION intervention makes in its area of ​​influence, we believe that progress is built with people trained and trained with entrepreneurial mindset.
Investing in education is a priority to initiate economic and social development of our country, which is why CINA FOUNDATION supports with the provision of scholarships, school kits, teacher training and education infrastructure projects.


Health Center FOUNDATION CINA, located in Saint Gerard, provides general consulting service, laboratory tests and first aid, providing an average of 40 people per day. The services are subsidized by the FOUNDATION.

The health promotion and disease prevention are part of the daily activities of the center in order to create healthier lifestyles.


We use our product to compensate for the lack of public infrastructure in the area of influence. Examples are access to water use that has most of the families living in the area of ​​Source Matelas by an elevated tank that supplies 5 community resources and also the adequacy of drainage and the Source of the Foundation Grand Chemin CINA has built.
The park is CINA space for recreation and healthy recreation for the families of Source Matelas. The park has playgrounds, a sports center plate and a giant screen on the weekends which is projected outdoor cinema.
Finally, the construction of community venues to promote coexistence, the promotion and improvement of various meeting points such as the public square and the Church of Saint Gerard, are testament to the commitment of CINA Foundation to help establish bonds of good neighborliness.


CINA FOUNDATION invests in productive projects that help increase the family income of its neighbors. Some examples are:

The sewing is a venture of 30 women in the area, which helps them to generate resources to support the basic family expenses.

The school block CINA FOUNDATION is a project that is training men and women to provide skilled labor for the manufacture of blocks and other elements for the construction industry in Haiti.


Communication and participation are the foundations of community strengthening. It is the policy of the FOUNDATION CINA maintain constant and direct communication with its neighbors: the constant and open dialogue with CASECS and ASECS and with teachers from different educational institutions, the natural leaders and of course with the local mayor, let maintain relations of respect and willingness for cooperation between business and the community.
With a printed newsletter is communicated to the community all benefit in their new venture and it is motivated to improve the participation of people in solving community problems and needs.
In addition, leaders are trained in areas such as leadership and project development to promote self-management that leads to strengthening of their autonomy and to seek more partnerships for the development of new projects that contribute to improving the quality of life of communities.